MTS Music - "First Light" Listening Party #2 | Beacon Rooftop SkyBar

Another amazing event in the books! Hosting this performance at the Beacon Rooftop was a fantastic choice. The weather was perfect and the sunset added a warm tone to the atmosphere on the rooftop where sounds were provided by DJ M Dot.  After her set, Matt Shell and Nicolas Laget took to the stage and improved the ambiance on top of the Beacon Hotel. 

I'm happy I attended this event, especially because earlier in the day I wasn't in the best of moods. Being there, elevated my day and left me feeling positive afterward. 

Later in the evening, the music would take another step with the addition of some soulful vocals from Kenney Wesley. The rooftop filled up nicely with friends, family, new faces, and attendees from the first album listening party. Once the sun went down, the photo booth turned up a bit. It wasen't as popluar at the first event, however, we made some special use of it this timr around. 

MTS Music - "First Light" Listening Party | Sweat Spot Studio

Entertained as usual! Matthew Shell and the people over at Sweet Spot Studio continue to impress! I'm excited to work with Matt again on two special evenings celebrating the release of his new album "First Light". Prior to the event when Matt called me, I had no idea how the photo booth was going to operate. I brought my background and lights figuring that it would give me some options, however, the vocal booth equipped with custom color LED lights was a hit. 

After the photo booth session, I quietly led myself outside to capture some beautiful spirited music. A perfect cool night to end the summer blended extremely well with the ambiance being provided on stage from Kenney Wesley, Curtis McCain, Matthew Shell, and Nicolas Laget

If you missed this event, no need to worry! There's another listening party happening at the Beacon Hotel Rooftop in DC this Thursday! Expect to see more performances from Matthew Shell and company. You don't want to miss this!

Additional details can be found here.