Above Casa De Campo

I’ve been coming to the Dominican Republic for a while now. Actually, years to be honest. My family and I took a vacation to the DR back in 2004 and haven’t looked back. We’ve been all over the country but usually stay in La Romana. It’s peaceful, quiet, and safe. So many times I’ve brought my DSLR and documented our stay. This time I brought my drone and decided to document a very different view of my stay.

The images below have been taken from a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone. It’s small enough to fold and store in your traveling bags / cases. This was the first time I traveled abroad with a drone. No issues at all through customs. When I arrived, I wasn’t sure it would work at all considering you have to use your phone to fly the machine.

It was the first thing I cracked out of my bag and began shooting. It’s always exciting to see an area above at a birds eye view of an area you’ve been coming to for years.


Boyers Mill Road Construction Project

This is not your average post by me, but I figured I would start sharing these projects as well. Boyers Mill Road in New Market, MD is building a new bridge because the old one is located on ground considered unsafe surrounded by a lake. The new bridge will be much bigger and accompanied by a stronger foundation. The project is not finished, but please check out my photos of the current progress.