SCHREINER | West Virginia Sessions

I'm not sure if any of my followers know this, but before I got into working as a photographer, I was a drummer in the Washington DC area. Back in the fall of 2017, I joined a band called Schreiner. After playing a couple of shows together, we decided on the idea of renting out an AirB&B in West Virginia. This retreat gave us an opportunity to better know each other and collectively throw creative ideas out on the table to record and store for later development. 

We spent two full days jamming out and recording new ideas. From those days, six original tunes were brought to life. The other time was used to relax and socialize. The weather was cold and icy for the first part of the retreat. A sheet of ice covered the driveway, so there was no going anywhere anyway. Mornings were spent enjoying coffee, listening to music, and chowing down on some eggs and bacon. Afternoons were the most productive parts of the days, and we entertained ourselves in the evenings with dinner and reflections on our daily accomplishments (with some booze for encouragement). 

I'm excited to share the results of our material later in the year. Our album should be fully recorded and available for purchase in the fall of 2018. Enjoy! 

Omar Brown - Drum Set - Blue Room Studios

One of a kind shoot right here! First time I've been asked to photograph someone's instrument. Omar contacted me via email asking if he would be willing to work on a special project with him, I accepted and took on a project where he wanted his drum set photographed in a recording studio. I've never been asked to do this, however, I knew the perfect person to contact. There is no one better to call than Conrad Osipowicz of Blue Room Productions

Here's Omar setting up his drum set at the Blue Room Studio in Herndon, VA.