Matt & Terra's Xmas Baby Shoot

Hello 2019!

I’m just getting back into the groove of blogging. I’ll start this year off with last months xmas baby shoot. I photographed Natalia shortly after she was born at my home studio earlier last year and had a pleasure documenting her at such a special time during the holidays. As someone who doesn’t have any kids at the moment, it’s really special to get a backseat into some peoples lives as they being their next chapters in life as parents. On a special note, this was my first shoot using the new mirrorless Nikon S7. I’m loving the results so far. Vibrant colors and unique sharpness. I hope to share more photos from the new camera in the near future. Enjoy!

DMV Jet Ski | Chesapeake Beach, MD

Over memorial day weekend, I had the privilege of helping out a small business in Chesapeake Beach, MD.  This little town is quite beautiful! Just sits about 35 miles outside of Washington, DC. Not too far, but enough to get you out of the busy city life. 

So if you're around Chesapeake Beach, go check out DMV Jet Ski and rent your self one of these unique machines to take you out on the bay and let it rip!