Uptown Alley - VIP Party Event

Uptown Alley offers more than just bowling. It's the complete package! Video games, live music, food, and of course, bowling! UA of Manassas hired me to document their opening event after I photographed the interior and exterior of their building for marketing purposes. There are too many photos to share, but a select few should do. Enjoy! 

Uptown Alley Manassas, VA

I remember when I was living in Boston attending college, they opened up a new bowling alley downtown that offered a different take on the total experience. Flashing lights, loud music, and an upscale bar with a separate VIP area. At the time, I thought it was an amazing experience, especially for young college students.  

Fast forward 8 or so years later, and we're talking about a whole different ball game. Uptown Alley in Manassas, VA has taken the entire bowling experience to a higher level. I've seen certain bowling venues that are somewhat similar to what Uptown is bringing to the table, but nowhere as big and diverse. 

When arriving at Uptown Alley, you're immediately welcomed by many unique options such as state of the art bowling, a full-service restaurant, video and prize games, high-tech laser tag, billiards, high-energy bars, a sports theater, live entertainment, and a private lounge for adults. 

Need I say more? Go experience it for yourself!