Thumbtack Connect Event - Arlington, VA

Last week Thumbtack held an event for professionals in the DMV area to network and learn more about the future of their company. I've been using their service for two years now and couldn't be happier to say that my workload has picked up because of them. Aside from working and photographing the event, there was a lot of positive information to soak up. I got to meet the company's CEO Marco Zappacosta and his team. We shared stories and thanked him for creating a platform where people like me don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of  dollars towards advertising just to get your name brand out into the public. Thumbtack is definitely worth investing in if you're a small business owner. The company is launching two TV commercials soon so look out for them! 

More information can be found on their blog where on of my pictures from the event is featured!