Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

As the more jobs and projects I take on, some of my posts get delayed. Back in late March my fiance's mother passed away. It was a rough time for everyone and still mourning her loss. A couple days after the funeral, we drove down to Hilton Head with Ashley's father and his two dogs. The sad part about all this was that we were originally scheduled to visit her parents at their new home in South Carolina where they recently retired in December. Unfortunately her mom passed right before we made that trip. 

After everything happened, we still decided to follow through with our plans and help out Ashley's dad and give him company. We also needed a break and Hilton Head was perfect place to relax and catch up with our thoughts. 

This was my second time visiting the island but I really considered it to be my first. A couple years ago I made a road trip down and it ended being the vacation from hell. I won't get into the specifics but I totaled my car in Savannah, GA.  

Most importantly, this time I enjoyed myself and got to explore a little bit. We biked around the island, woke up to see the sunrise, visited plantations, and drove out to see the Old Sheldon Church Ruins.