Surprise Proposal / Mike & Alex / Cherry Blossoms Washington DC

After a couple months of planning, the execution worked out perfectly. Mike reached out to me beforehand to discuss his vision. His lucky lady, Alex, wanted the cherry blossoms, and we delivered. However, it took some luck and precise timing to make these beautiful shots happen. Springtime in Washington DC has emerged slowly this year. It was only a few days before their arrival that the cherry blossoms started to bloom. Luckily, warmer temperatures in the days leading up to the shoot accelerated the timing of the peak bloom. I was thrilled that spring arrived just in time to provide a beautiful backdrop for Mike and Alex’s special moment.

Molly & Carl's Maternity Shoot

So here we are, my first ever maternity photo shoot. One of my wife's best friends asked me to photograph her maternity shoot with her fiance and I accepted with pleasure. One new technique I decided to use with this couple was pre-posed illustrations. I set up a computer loaded with poses to display, in order to help them be more comfortable in front of the camera. This isn't something I normally do in my portrait sessions, however, I believe it's useful to incorporate this technique in a situation where both parties are new to a professional experience. Without further ado, please meet Molly & Carl.    :-)