CyrusOne - New Building in Sterling, VA Data Center

Last year I photographed the opening event for CyrusOne's new date center located in Sterling, VA. They're in the process of expanding the size of the building for 3 phases. I got the privilege to photograph phase 2 of the site. It's currently under construction, but the company needed photos for marketing purposes, so we shot what we could. 

CyrusOne Open House - Sterling, VA

I received a phone call and learned that their original photographer had canceled and needed to fill the position. I was available so I accepted. Even after going over the details, it was not what I had envisioned. Being an event photographer, sometimes the job can be somewhat predictable or carry the same formula as the rest. Not this one. As I entered the building, my ID was immediately handed over to security and directed to walk through a state of the art fingerprint shield system.

After getting through the security system, thats where the night started. I walked upstairs and followed the music. This place was huge and the party location was the smallest part. I had no idea what I got myself into. This event was beautifully decorated, catered, and featured professional ice carvers! Who does that?! 

Cyrusone also allowed me to take part in the tours that were being offered during the event. With such high security, I'm surprised they even let me photograph the rooms in the data center. 

These are the moments I'm glad to be a photographer.